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Planning a memorable adventure? Look no further than Camper Ninja premium VW camper van hire service. With 2024 up and running, it’s time to lock in your dream vacation on wheels.

Our team of passionate travellers and dedicated professionals are here to provide you with an unparalleled experience, combining comfort, convenience, and freedom. Let us take you on a journey through the wonders of the open road, turning your holiday into an extraordinary escapade.

Early Birds Catch the Camper – Booking Early for 2024

Hey, early birds, listen up! If you want to grab your spot on the VW Camper Van bandwagon for 2024, securing your booking early at Camper Ninja is crucial. Here’s why:

Avoid Disappointment

The popularity of VW Campers means availability can be limited. By booking early, you exponentially increase your chances of securing the exact make and model you desire, coupled with layouts and optional extras that suit your needs perfectly. Don’t let disappointment rear its ugly head by missing out on your dream ride of a lifetime!

When it comes to VW Campers, it pays to book early!

“Why should I secure my camper van hire early?” you may wonder. Early booking amplifies your chances of getting your desired vehicle during the peak season.

Demand is skyrocketing as more adventurers are starting to embrace the freedom of campervan travel. By reserving your vehicle well in advance, you ensure your dream vacation is secure.

Moreover, early booking can also lead to significant savings. As demand intensifies, prices tend to rise. By making your reservation early, you can secure the best possible rates, avoiding the unpleasant surprise of inflated fees as the travel season draws near.

Plus, with everything settled well in advance, you can relax and focus on planning the exciting aspects of your trip, such as discovering hidden gems and creating unforgettable memories.

Pre-Book your Camper Van bespoke extras Extras

Camper Ninja offers a wide range of exciting extras that you can book in advance, ensuring an unforgettable trip. Take advantage of our bike racks, gas bottles, and all the way to the essential beach wind stopper, making sure you have everything you need for a fantastic vacation. With these superb additions, your journey will be even more enjoyable and convenient.

Bike Rack on Campervan

Camping and Caravanning Club early bird discount

Camper Ninja  offers a discount on site fees to enhance your camping experience. We are part of The Camping and Caravanning Club Motorhome Hire Scheme, which grants you a maximum discount of 30% on Club Sites and 15% on Camping in The Forest Sites.

In your Camper Ninja rented motorhome, there’s a copy of the Camping and Caravanning Club Motorhome Hire Guide. It contains a list of all the participating sites, helping you choose the perfect location for your entire journey. You can also find site details on the Club’s website at

Once you’ve chosen the Club Site you want to stay at, simply present the Motorhome Hire key fob, which you can find attached to the keys of your rental vehicle, upon arrival to avail yourself of the discount.

The Perks of Early Planning

Booking your camper van early guarantees you a good deal and allows you to plan your itinerary meticulously. As you weave your way across stunning landscapes, you deserve peace of mind and the luxury of spontaneity.

By reserving your camper van with us well in advance, you can map out your route, reserve coveted campgrounds, and arrange unforgettable activities in advance. It’s a stress-free way to ensure you get the most out of your adventure.

Whether you’re planning a family holiday, a romantic escapade, or an epic adventure, the VW Camper Van is your ultimate companion. But with its soaring popularity, booking early for a 2024 getaway at Camper Ninja is essential to secure your dream vacation!

  • But why are VW Campers so highly sought-after?
  • How can you book early at Camper Ninja?
  • And what makes this experience one you’ll treasure forever?

Classic Vibes, Modern Comfort

The VW Camper Van successfully marries classic nostalgia with modern-day comfort. Its timeless design sets it apart from other campers, transporting you to an era packed with adventures, peace signs, and tie-dye shirts. Yet, once you set foot inside, you’ll find a cosy haven equipped with all the amenities you’ll need for a comfortable and stress-free vacation.

Unlimited Freedom

Hit the road without ties or limitations! The VW Camper Van lets you explore new horizons and experience the bliss of uncharted roads at your own pace. Swap the frantic schedules of organised tours for the freedom to wake up to breathtaking landscapes, enjoy sunrises outside your door, and decide on your own itinerary. Explore hidden gems, change your route spontaneously, and craft a journey exactly how you envision it.

Book Early for 2024

The joys of booking Early

Strong Community Spirit

You become part of a vast and vibrant community when you join the VW Camper Van family. Spotting a fellow VW Camper Van owner on your travels is like finding a long-lost friend! Their smiles will warm your soul, and swapping stories and tips is almost obligatory. You’ll soon realise that the VW Camper Van experience is more than a simple vacation; it’s a lifestyle that bonds those who dare to embrace it.

Worry-Free Planning

Booking early brings peace of mind. As the pressures of travel planning stack up, you’ll have confidence that a comfortable and smart  VW Camper Van awaits you. You will no longer be concerned with last-minute accommodation arrangements or transportation snags. With your booking safely in their hands, Camper Ninja will ensure an effortless journey from start to finish!

FAQs About VW Camper Van Bookings at Camper Ninja

Q: How far in advance can I book a VW Camper for 2024 at Camper Ninja?

A: Currently, Camper Ninja is accepting early bookings for the 2024 season. Get in touch with their friendly team for more information on the specific dates you have in mind.

Q: Are there any age restrictions for renting a VW Camper through Camper Ninja?

A: To rent a VW camper through Camper Ninja, drivers must be 25 years old or over and hold a valid driving licence.

Still considering unforgettable road trips, unique landscapes, and the freedom to escape it all? Then get moving and get your VW Camper Van at Camper Ninja! Booking early for the 2024 season is your golden ticket to adventure on your own terms. Secure your spot now—only the early birds catch the camper! So why wait? Embrace the thrill of the open road and let Camper Ninja be your guide to your next epic VW Camper Van voyage.

Remember, VW Camper Van Book Early for 2024 at Camper Ninja! Start crafting memories that will last a lifetime now!