Hire a Campervan for Christmas

Are you thinking to hire a campervan for Christmas? Are you looking for an exciting and different way to enjoy the festive season with your family? Then you need to consider camper van hire for your next holiday!

Camper Van rental is becoming increasingly popular due to its flexibility, affordability and range of options. Whether you want to get away from it all and explore the countryside, or if you want to be close to the comforts of home, campers offer something for everyone. With camper vans, you can have a fun way to create extra space at home over Festive Season, and kids love it! So why not make this Christmas one to remember with Camper Ninja camper van hire?

Benefits of Hiring a Campervan for Christmas

Hiring a camper van for Christmas is a great idea and can bring many benefits. It is much more cost-effective than a long stay in a hotel and allows you to explore a new place in a way that a car, train or plane journey simply can’t.

By seeking out a camper van, you can enjoy the freedom to set your itinerary and head off to different places without worrying about packing and unpacking multiple times. Plus, you can enjoy home comforts away from home, with the bonus of being able to help reduce your carbon footprint.

This Christmas, why not experience the great outdoors while still having the comfort of a home away from home? Hire a camper van for a family campervan adventure from Camper Ninja and enjoy the benefits!

Campervan Rental in Cheshire

Camper Ninja Picture of VW campervan with night skyRenting a camper van in Cheshire is an exciting and budget-friendly way to explore the county and everything it offers. With rolling hills, captivating views of the countryside, and plenty of places to explore, Cheshire, Chester and North Wales are ideal destinations for a camper van rental holiday.

You can experience the local culture and attractions and visit nearby cities in the region, like Chester, all from the comfort and convenience of your vehicle. Camper Ninja camper van rental in Tarporley, Cheshire West, also offers a variety of perks like unlimited mileage and full insurance coverage, making it a great choice for a memorable getaway.

Cost of Renting a Campervan for Christmas

Christmas is the perfect time of year for a road trip in a camper van. Whether you’re looking to explore the countryside or visit family around the country, a camper van is an ideal way to make memories that will last a lifetime.

Of course, the main concern is cost – how much will it set you back to hire one for the festive season? The good news is that the cost of renting a camper van for Christmas from Camper Ninja, you may find it’s more affordable to rent a camper than to stay in hotels. See the rates here.

Considerations Before Booking a Camper Van

Before booking your camper van, could you carefully plan what to pack for your trip? You likely won’t have as much storage space as your home, so it’s important to think about the essentials – you can always buy anything else you may need.

We recommend you bring a first-aid kit, some cooking utensils, bedding, clothing, toiletries, sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses, a few camping chairs, and a table to enjoy meals outdoors.

If you bring youngsters, don’t forget games and other activities to entertain them. Above all, ensure you have an up-to-date map, especially if you plan to explore off the beaten track. Enjoy your trip!

Where to Hire a Campervan for Christmas

Regular customers give the campervan rental business Camper Ninja great reviews for campervan hire. They offer well-stocked, spotless, and cosy vehicles with superb client service. They’re straightforward to drive, with modern cabins and full equipment for a great trip in your perfect campervan. Booking is a breeze, accompanied by plain information and help during the rental. Clients recognise the firm’s high-quality service, precision, and professionalism.

Had a brilliant holiday in the Ninja camper. The team were really helpful from start to finish. Loved the camper; it looked great. It was a fun and comfortable trip away; I highly recommend it. We have already started planning our next trip away in another camper!

Toni & Abbey

What to Expect From Camper Ninja

Camper Ninja offers an extensive array of campervans for hire that are ideal for your next trip away. These well-appointed and spotless vans give you a comfortable experience from beginning to end. The chic interiors of the campervans create a warm and inviting aura while setting them apart from their competitors.

Most importantly, Camper Ninja is well-known for their remarkable customer service. During the booking process, the steps are uncomplicated, and guidance is clear, meaning that you will have no fuss during your adventure. People consider Camper Ninja to be superior to other campervan hire companies due to their unrivalled quality and attention to minor details. Each aspect of your campervan hire experience will be remarkable with Camper Ninja.

Main Points

  • Camper Ninja provides well-equipped, clean, and comfortable campervans.
  • The vans are easy to drive and have modern interiors.
  • Excellent customer service and support are provided throughout the rental process.
  • Camper Ninja offers campervan for hire with a hassle-free booking process and clear instructions.
  • Customers appreciate the high quality and attention to detail of the service.
  • The vans come with everything needed for a great trip.
  • Customers highly recommend Camper Ninja for campervan hire experiences

Popular Camper Van Routes for the Holidays

Hire a campervan for christmas

Vintage campervan

With the Christmas holidays just around the corner, many Brits seek the perfect Christmas getaway that balances practicality and holiday spirit. Camper vans are a popular holiday choice for UK travellers, offering an adventure while still providing the comfort and convenience of home.

From scenic coastal routes to exploring the heartlands of the UK, here are some of the most popular camper van routes for your next holiday. The picturesque north coast of Scotland and the Orkney Islands are great choices for an unforgettable New Year holiday break. This route offers stunning views with plenty of activities to keep you busy. From exploring ancient sites to relaxing on banks of tranquil lochs, this route will surely make the perfect getaway.

If you’re searching for a more rural holiday experience, why not take a trip across the Cotswolds’ rolling hills and picturesque valleys? You can explore the quiet villages and the beautiful landscapes of this area. This route also provides plenty of outdoor activities, from fishing and cycling to exploring the charming towns. The South West Coast Path is a great option for a scenic coastal getaway.

This stunning digital trail can take you through charming fishing villages and spectacular cliff tops. There are also plenty of walking and nature trails to explore, making it a great choice for those looking for an active holiday. So, whether you’re searching for a tranquil getaway or new campervan adventures, there’s something for everyone regarding the popular camper van routes for the holidays. So get packing and explore the beauty of the UK this Christmas holiday!


What is a Campervan?

A campervan is a recreational vehicle (RV) converted to allow more comfortable living when travelling on holidays or road trips. It typically includes a kitchen area, a four-berth sleeping space, and amenity spaces. Campervans usually contain necessities such as a refrigerator, sink, and cooker, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors while still having the convenience of a kitchen and basic amenities.

Campervans are great for people who want to explore and travel without the need to stay in a hotel or campsite and can often be significantly less expensive than other types of accommodation.

When is the best time to book a camper van for Christmas?

The best time to book a camper van for Christmas is early-mid November. This will give you the best choice of availability and the chance to get the most in terms of where you would like to go and other services that may be included with hiring a camper van.

Is it possible to make last-minute bookings?

Yes, it is possible to make last-minute bookings, but it is only sometimes possible to guarantee availability. It is best to book early to guarantee the dates you want and ensure you have the best chance of getting the camper van that meets your needs.

What should I consider when hiring a camper van?

When hiring a camper van, it is important to consider the needs of the people travelling with you. Think about what berth campervan you require, whether you need sleeping space for different numbers of people and any other extra services such as kitchen facilities, bike racks or any personal extras that may make your trip more comfortable and enjoyable. Our Camper Ninja experts can help you with this.

Is there a minimum or maximum age for drivers?

Yes, most hire companies have age limits on drivers of campervans. At Camper Ninja, the minimum age for a driver is 25, while the maximum is 70

Other Considerations.

What is typically included when hiring a camper van for Christmas?

  • Comprehensive UK insurance coverage is available for the primary driver.
  • No restrictions on mileage.
  • The breakdown covers anywhere in the UK (excluding Ireland).
  • One-on-one tour of the vehicle before you leave.
  • Kitchen Pack.